Business Law

When starting a business, there are several issues which must be dealt with. Unfortunately, too often, a new entrepreneur is often so excited about their prospects for the future, they fail to make decisions based on facts and instead, rely heavily on emotion. This is unwise on various fronts because failure to plan properly can have catastrophic results in the future.

When Deciding on Entity Formation

One of the first decisions you will need to make is your business structure. Choosing the right structure is important for several reasons including your options for securing financing, protection of your personal assets, and the number and kind of people who may be own an interest in your company.

When deciding the type of business structure to best meet your needs, your attorney will ask you several questions about your short and long-term goals. This is necessary because you do not want to stifle your future prospects by setting up the wrong type of company. In addition to helping you make the right decision, we can help draft the proper documents for submission to the state to set up your business.

Having Proper Contracts in Place

There are several instances where a business owner may need to have contracts in place for signature. They include doing business with vendors, making a key employee hire, as well as contracts for various services your business may need. Ensuring wording of a contract is protecting you and your business interests is important. Whether you need help drafting new contracts, or you were given a contract to sign, we can help.

When Litigation is Necessary

Fortunately, there are instances where a business dispute can be resolved through negotiation. However, when it is not possible to find a mutually-agreeable solution, your only option may be litigation. We have the experience you need to present the best possible case which increases your chances of a good outcome.

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