General Services

Legal problems of any kind are difficult to navigate, and they are not something anyone wants to face. However, there is no need to face them alone. At Hartburg Roth Garrott Halverstadt Garrett, LLP our goal is to help you through these problems and help provide you with peace of mind.

Whether you need help with drafting contracts or you are being sued, we are here to help provide you with the legal help you need. We help our clients navigate the challenges of their legal issues and tailor solutions that work to best meet their needs.

We know sometimes you may be tempted to use a large “big city” law firm, but we also know that experience matters. We bring all the experience you need to meet your legal needs and still maintain that home city feeling. You will get sound legal advice and we will make sure you understand what options are available to you to enforce contracts or to make a decision to settle a dispute rather than going to court. Should you decide that court is your best option, we will provide aggressive representation.

When you need dedicated, committed legal representation in Huntington County or the surrounding counties contact us immediately and set up a consultation to meet with one of our attorneys.

Our General Services Attorneys