Real Estate Law

Whether you are purchasing your first home, a commercial building for your business, or a vacation home, you are investing a significant amount of money and committing to long-term payments. Leases can be equally daunting, particularly for commercial properties. An experienced real estate lawyer can help.

Purchase or Lease Agreements

When you are considering entering into an agreement to buy or lease a commercial property, you should have any documents presented to you reviewed by an attorney. This step can protect you from additional financial or legal liability after the fact. We can also draft lease or purchase agreements designed to protect your legal rights.

Those who are considering a non-commercial purchase or lease also should seek competent legal assistance. Real estate payments, whether lease payments or mortgage payments, are significant and can put you and your family at financial risk. Do not take these types of chances, make sure you have all documents reviewed by a real estate attorney before signing.

Land Contracts

If you are considering a land contract to help you when financing a property, whether residential or commercial, you should be well-versed in the risks they pose. Residents who are forced to make difficult choices because of a financial problem may think they are safe if they make a payment on their mortgage but what they may not be familiar with the seller protections which are built into land contracts.

Protections contained in lease agreements could mean if you fail to make land contract payments you could lose your home, or the commercial property associated with the contract. Before you sign any agreement involving a land contract, make sure you speak with an attorney who can clearly explain the terms, so you are not facing a surprise later.

Hartburg Roth Garrott Halverstadt Garrett, LLP has three convenient locations in Huntington, Roanoke, and Warren providing real estate law services in the Huntington area, including Allen County (Fort Wayne), Wabash County, Whitley County (Columbia City), Wells County (Bluffton), and Grant County (Marion).

Tax Sales

If you are an investor interested in purchasing a tax sale certificate at an upcoming County Tax Sale or Commissioners Tax Sale, we can help you by completing the necessary title search, issuing the notices to parties with an interest of record, and filing a Petition for Tax Deed.

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