Title Insurance

At Hartburg Roth Garrott Halverstadt Garrett, LLP we have been working with real estate buyers and sellers, providing title insurance and closing services for more than fifty years. During this time, we have encouraged our clients to protect their property with title insurance. Unless you are the first person to own a piece of property, this insurance provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that should there be a problem with ownership, you are covered.

For our real estate clients, we provide title insurance through General Title. In most cases, this is done in conjunction with other real estate services including title searches and loan closings.

If you are purchasing a residential or commercial property in the Huntington area, including Allen County (Ft. Wayne), Wells County (Blulffton), Whitley County (Columbia City), Grant County (Marion), and Wabash County, contact Hartburg Roth Garrott Halverstadt Garrett at one of their three convenient locations in Huntington, Roanoke, or Warren and let us help you with your real estate closings, title insurance policies, and title searches.

Our Title Insurance Attorney